Zodiac of the Month

Happy Aries Season! The first sign of the Zodiac, Aries season lasts from March 20th through April 21st. Those born under this sign tend to be incredibly bold and determined; they're never afraid to go after what they want. Unafraid to try out new experiences, Aries jump headfirst into any endeavor with optimism and passion. Regardless of where Aries find themselves, they're able to build a community based around their honesty, generosity, and confidence. As a fire sign, Aries should keep in mind that they can be more impatient and competitive than other signs. 

This year is very promising for Aries. 2020 taught Aries lessons in patience and emotional balance that will carry them throughout this year. Over the next few months, Aries will find it easier to indulge in self care, stand up for their beliefs, and see situations clearly. It is the perfect time for Aries to follow their passions and work independently. Aries has many goals and this is the year to accomplish them all!

As we enter Aries season celebrate the Aries in your life with these fantastic zodiac themed gifts!

Zodiac Perfumes by Zodica

These perfumes are made in the USA using organic ingredients specifically selected to appeal to each sign. The Aries perfume has a unique blend of sandalwood, vanilla, and musk which is sweetened by hints of cinnamon bark, blackberry, and Nicotiana flower. In addition to this amazing scent, the Zodica perfumes come with a gold-lined zodiac charm, it's the perfect size to put on a chain or bracelet. Both of these are packaged in a Zodica gift box, so no extra wrapping is required. 

Zodiac Tees by The Laundry Room

Naturally oversized, hand dyed tee-shirts available in sizes Extra Small to Large. These black shirts are individually tie-dying each shirt with blue, red and green hues; this creates a fun variety between each shirt, even those of the same size and sign. The Aries shirt has printed white text indicating the sign, its zodiac symbol, the corresponding constellation (for Aries, the Flying Ram), as well as a brief description of those born under the sign: passionate, energetic, magnetic.

Zodiac Bracelets by Oak Spring Designs

Stretchy, one-sized, crystal bracelets handmade in Libertyville are the perfect gift for any Aries. The Aries bracelet is made out of Aquamarine and accented with bronze discs. Aquamarine is the perfect stone for any Aries, it provides calming energy, protection, and good luck!