I’m so happy you are here. Here at Libbyville, we believe in a new kind of small shopping experience. We believe in supporting makers near and far, stocking quality clothing that you can wear time and time again and making sure you are the hero of gift giving. Below you will find a few fun facts about us!


A lot of the products you’ll find in our shop are handmade! We work with local makers, partner with people on etsy, and stock handcrafted goods from around the U.S. Cheers to supporting people’s talents, and a more sustainable product!


We believe in stocking quality products at the right price. Libby doesn’t want you to run into the same problem she was having- where shopping became uninspiring because it was often cheaply made, too trendy, or overpriced.


Whether you are gifting or looking for yourself, we are committed to stocking something new and different. We even have our own Libbyville label and signature scent line! The world has enough cookie-cutters in it, own your individuality!


Nothing is better than supporting and working with our community! From pop-ups, to fundraisers..keep an eye out for our next collaboration!